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Yinka Shonibare: Art in America cover/review June/July 2008

Review relating to an exhibition, 2008
Published by: Art in America
Year published: 2008
Number of pages: 1

image of Yinka Shonibare: Art in America cover/review June/July 2008

This review of an exhibition by Yinka Shonibare MBE appeared in Art in America, June/July 2008, on page 189. Titled Yinka Shonibare at James Cohan, the exhibition in question was Prospero’s Monsters, held at James Cohan Gallery, New York, 17 April  - 17 May 2008. The review was written by Faye Hirsch and came with a reproduction of Shonibare’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (America), 2008, C-print on aluminium, 72 by 49 1/2 inches, at James Cohan. A detail of the work was reproduced on the cover of the magazine.

From the review: “According to Yinka Shonibare MBE (who always uses his honorific, relishing the irony of its placement after his patently un-English name), “Prospero’s Monsters,” the title of his recent exhibition, refers to the colonialist implications of Caliban in The Tempest. Neither Caliban or Prospero made an appearance in the show, but Shonibare, who has spent his life straddling worlds  (he was raised in Nigeria and England and is a fixture in the global art scene), continues cleverly to upend the tropes of Western art and history through quotation and parody. Monsters like Caliban might be grotesque hybrids, but as Shonibare has repeatedly demonstrated, hybridity is a condition of expressive possibility.”

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