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Hew Locke (Art Review)

Article relating to an individual, 2002
Published by: Art Review
Year published: 2002
Number of pages: 1

image of Hew Locke (Art Review)

One page feature on sculptor Hew locke, previewing ‘Cardboard Palace’, which was due to open at Chisenhale Gallery on 24 April and run through to 2 June (2002). The piece featured a sizeable installation view of one of Locke’s pieces, Hemmed in Too, 2000, in the V&A’s entrance hall.  There was also a portrait of Locke, by Richard Kelly. The text itself was written by Neal Bown. As was frequently the case in comments by Locke about his practice, he seemed to waste few opportunities to stress his interest in the British monarchy, albeit through a supposedly knowing prism. Brown noted that “Locke seems more fascinated than disapproving of the British monarchy. He collects Royal ephemera”, before proceeding to quote Locke, “I love coming back from a jumble sale, sitting on a bus, reading a Seventies Royal Family souvenir book, and getting strange looks.” In the same conversation, Locke recalled that, “As a kid in Guyana the Queen’s head was on school-exercise books. You’d be in serious trouble if you defaced her with a beard or wig.”

Neal Brown, Hew Locke, Art Review, April 2002, Volume LIII, p. 58

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