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Circa magazine (Keith Piper)

Magazine relating to a publication, 1988
Year published: 1988
Number of pages: 7

image of Circa magazine (Keith Piper)

Circa art magazine, published in Belfast. Issue Number 38, January/February 1988 featured on its cover a montage of Keith Piper’s forthcoming work, Chanting Heads. The work was commissioned by Artangel Trust and this issue of Circ featured a substantial interview with Artangel’s curator, John Carson. Titled ‘Artangel: Between God and Rambo’,  the interview was conducted by Anne Carlisle, one of the members of Circa’s editorial panel. The following text was highlighted in the Carson/Carlisle conversation:

The Multiracial UK project will be forefronted by a work by Keith Piper entitled Chanting Heads - an arrangement of four large sculptural heads mounted onto a specially adapted lorry trailer. The mouths of the sculptures will incorporate loudspeakers, which will broadcast a collage of chanting, singing and speaking voices relating to the world history of black peoples.

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