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Conversation with Aubrey Williams

Article relating to an individual, 1987
Published by: Third Text
Year published: 1987
Number of pages: 28

image of Conversation with Aubrey Williams

Conversation with Aubrey Williams, Rasheed Araeen, Third Text No. 2, Winter 1987, pp. 25 - 52.

This conversation with Williams appeared in the second issue of Third Text and is of incalculable importance. In marked contrast to texts about Williams written during his lifetime, posthumous texts on the artist have grown ever more bulky and grandiose. In this regard, the Third Text conversation was by far the most substantial text on Williams produced during his lifetime, in which Williams’ own voice, opinions, expressions are unedited and respectfully presented to the reader. Extracts from this interview have been reproduced in several publications on Williams, in particular, Guyana Dreaming, and Aubrey Williams, the catalogue, edited by Reyahn King, that accompanied the joint exhibitions Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 15 January - 11 April 2010, and Aubrey Williams: Now and Coming Time, October Gallery, London, 4 February - 3 April 2010.

The text was illustrated with 9 reproductions of Williams’ paintings.

An extract from the Conversation, as follows:

Rasheed Araeen: Aubrey, could you tell us something about your life in Guyana before you came to Britain, particularly in relation to your aspirations to be a professional artist. Where did the aspirations copme from?

Aubrey Williams: Your opening is so complex; it’s mind-boggling. To start with we in Guyana have no true concept of inspiration. It’s too modern. It’s synthetic and too romantic in the English romantic sense. It has very little to do with making images…

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