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On My Radar: Hew Locke’s cultural highlights

Article relating to an individual, 2011
Published by: The Observer
Year published: 2011
Number of pages: 1

image of On My Radar: Hew Locke’s cultural highlights

“Hew Locke, 51, is a sculptor. Born in Edinburgh, he spent his formative years in Guyana before moving to London to study. His work has focused on and explored ideas  and images of Britishness. He first came to national attention in 2002 with Cardboard Palace, a vast installation inspired by royal architecture. He has since exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad. His latest show, Starchitect, is at the Artsway Gallery, Hampshire, until 3 April. He lives in London with his wife, curator Indra Khanna.”

This small feature, in The Observer The New Review, of 13 February 2011, p. 3 was titled On My Radar: Hew Locke’s cultural highlights. It was introduced, with the above text, by Amy Powell Yeates. Such articles, in which Black artists were occasionally featuring, presupposed an understanding of, or familiarity with, the practice of the artist in question, on the part of the readership, thereby enabling other aspects of the artist’s life and interests to be brought to the fore. For those readers unfamiliar with the subject’s work, such articles presumed at least a mild curiousity on the readers’ part, as to the likes and interests of someone previously unknown to them. Such small features had become a seemingly increased aspect of certain newspapers and magazines, and broadly speaking, alluded to the notion that for the subject in question, any publicity was good publicity.

The cultural highlights in question were divided as follows: Art; Audio books; Film; Comic strip, Architecture; Music.

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