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Aubrey Williams (2010) edited by Reyahn King

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2010
Published by: October Gallery/National Museums Liverpool
Year published: 2010
Number of pages: 67
ISBN: 978-1-899542-30-7

image of Aubrey Williams (2010) edited by Reyahn King

Substantial catalogue, edited by Reyahn King, that accompanied the joint exhibitions Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 15 January - 11 April 2010, and Aubrey Williams: Now and Coming Time, October Gallery, London, 4 February - 3 April 2010. It had been over a decade since the last major exhibition of Williams’ work had taken place at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London. That particular exhibition had been accompanied by the first major catalogue providing an overview of Williams’ practice. In that regard, this catalogue was the second publication, substantial in scope and content, that again provided an overview of Williams’ practice. Lavishly illustrated with full colour plates throughout, the relatively large point size used in the publication’s texts made this an accessible and readable catalogue. The two exhibitions - Atlantic Fire and Now and Coming Time offered gallery-going audiences in Liverpool and London new opportunities to see the work of an artist woefully neglected by the British art establishment for all but sporadic periods of his long career.

King wrote the Foreword to the catalogue. In it, she concludes, “There have been some longstanding individual champions of Williams’ work, notably Anne Walmsley, Guy Brett and Rasheed Araeen, whose 1987 interview remains  an insightful resource. Nevertheless, full recognition is overdue. His independent and intelligent approach to modern painting, the authenticity of his concerns, and the emotional strength and impact of his work mean that Williams is an artist who can no longer be overlooked.”

The catalogue functioned as both a substantial introduction to those unfamiliar with Williams’ work, as well as a significant addition to the material with which long-time admirers of Williams’ work were familiar.

Catalogue contents as follows:

4. Preface, Chili Hawes (October Gallery, London) and David Fleming (National Museums Liverpool)

6. Foreword, Reyahn King

10. Excerpts from ‘Conversation With Aubrey Williams’, Rasheed Araeen

34. Aubrey Williams: The Making of a British Artist, Mel Gooding

46. Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire, Leon Wainwright

56. List of Exhibits (complete with miniature reproductions of all the paintings exhibited in Liverpool and London)

60. Exhibitions and Collections

64. Bibliography

The rear flyleaf of the publication featured a portrait of Williams, by Val Wilmer, accompanied by a quote from the artist: “The act of painting, the act of daring to make art, the Arawaks had a word for it and they called it Timehri… Now Timehri to the Arawak means the Mark of the Hand of Man… that is the word for art for me.”

From the back cover: “This catalogue accompanies two coinciding exhibitions of Williams’ work that together combine to show the range and versatility of this extraordinary artist. The two essays written especially for this publication, and an insightful interview with Williams himself, accompany colour plates of the works exhibited in Liverpool and London. Taken all together, they offer a fresh view and reassessment of the career of an artist who, when he died in 1990, left behind works whose unbridled power and vitality continue to astonish us today.”


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