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Aubrey Williams Obituary The Independent

Obituary relating to an individual, 1990
Published by: The Independent
Year published: 1990
Number of pages: 1

image of Aubrey Williams Obituary The Independent

Substantial obituary on Aubrey Williams, that appeared in The Independent, Tuesday 1 May 1999, in the Gazette section. This is an original clipping, the page number is 15.

In the text, Brett revisits a number of the sentiments and ideas he has expressed, about Williams and his art, in other texts that were previously published.  Though the piece was written some two-plus decades, the extent to which Williams has posthumously been incorporated into the British art world is striking. Writes Brett, “There is as yet no work by Williams in the Tate Gallery. Historical and artistic changes we have been living through in the past 40 years have still not sunk into the national psyche. There has never yet been the opportunity to compare directly the abstract paintings produced by Williams with those of his fellow “English” artists working at the same time and in the same place, like Victor Pasmore, Alan Davie, Peter Lanyon or Patrick Heron.”

Brett concludes his obituary with, “The global ecological crisis was something he felt deeply. It was always coming up in his conversation: he would often take off and describe a bird, or the quality of the air in the rain forest, with inimitable precision and poetry. But he was not a doom merchant.  He had, equally strongly, a sense of possibility and of danger. In this the painting and the person were one.”

The piece is accompanied by a sizeable photograph of Williams, with the line, All-consuming fire: Williams at an exhibition of his work at the Commonwealth Institute, London, 1981 Photograph: Val Wilmer

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