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Guyana Dreamings (sic) brochure/order form

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image of Guyana Dreamings (sic) brochure/order form

Small thin folded leaflet/order form to promote Guyana Dreaming, a book about the art of Aubrey Williams. Within the brochure, Dreaming was written as Dreamings. The brochure consisted of a number of quotes about Williams practice. One uncredited quote from The Daily Telegraph, one uncredited quote from The Times; one quote from Wilson Harris, one quote from Guy Brett, from The Independent; and one quote from Anne Walmsley, from The Guardian. The Times’ quote was, “A painter of outstanding talent and achievement… Serious and splendid, full of energy, radiance, and confidence, Williams’s paintings use all the richness of the art to communicate from many levels of mind and heart.”

Facing the page of quotes (which also includes a small photograph of Williams, taken in 1985 by Caroline Forbes) was information about Guyana Dreaming and an Order Form.

“The unique art of Aubrey Williams has been recognised internationally since the 1950s. This selection of his statements, notes and conversation, of critical writing on his work, and of full-colour reproductions of his paintings, has been compiled as a tribute to the artist for his 65th year.

Contributors include: Rasheed ARAEEN, Jan CAREW, Donald LOCKE, C.L.R. JAMES, Wilson HARRIS, Edward Kamau BRATHWAITE, Donald BOWEN, Andrew HOPE, Guy BRETT, Lorraine GRIFFITHS, Denis BOWEN”

Details of the book, and the Order Form then follow.

A detail of an uncredited work by Aubrey Williams covers the other side of the leaflet.

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