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Back to Black: Art, Cinema and the Racial Imaginary

Group show at The New Art Gallery Walsall, Whitechapel Art Gallery. 2005
Date: 7 June, 2005 until 4 September, 2005
Curator: Richard J Powell, David A Bailey, Petrine Archer-S
Organiser: Whitechapel Art Gallery

Back to Black was a large-scale exhibition held at Whitechapel Art Gallery and subsequently at The New Art Gallery Walsall in 2005. It was a major centrepiece of Africa 05 and was curated by David A. Bailey (UK), Richard J. Powell (USA) and Petrine Archer-Straw (Jamaica).

Back to Black: Art, Cinema and the Racial Imaginary focuses on the rise of the Black Arts Movement in the US, Britain and Jamaica in the 1960s & 1970s, bringing together over forty artists whose work defined the emergence of a radical & powerful aesthetic. Their work testifies to a complex & widespread range of influences, breathtaking in their geographic, temporal and cultural sweep. African symbols & traditions blend with images of contemporary life; the symbols of radical, militant activism with an imagined Afrofuturism. Played out across the broad cultural spectrum to encompass the visual arts, film, music & fashion, their work reveals a common visual language shared among artists across the Black Atlantic, and profoundly influential to subsequent generations. We hope the exhibition will address a lacuna in standard narratives of modern and contemporary visual culture by contributing a scholarly understanding of this important black cultural legacy. Back to Black is part of Africa 2005, a year-long celebration of contemporary & past cultures from across the continent & the Diaspora which embraces the diversity of arts, heritage & audience” Back to Black was first conceived by David A. Bailey & Richard J. Powell, who were later joined by Petrine Archer-Straw.

From the Preface of the Back to Black catalogue by Iwona Blazwick, (Whitechapel), Andrea Tarzia (Whitechapel) and Stephen Snoddy (Walsall)

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People in this exhibition - view 5

»  Ernie Barnes

Born, 1939

»  Romare Bearden

Born, 1911 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Died, 1988

»  Dawoud Bey

Born, 1958

»  Everald Brown

Born, 1917 in St. Ann, Jamaica. Died, 2002

»  Vanley Burke

Born, 1951 in Jamaica

»  Marcel Camus

Born, 1912. Died, 1982

»  Elizabeth Catlett

Born, 1915 in Washington, D.C.. Died, 2012

»  Haile Gerima

Born, 1946

»  Christopher Gonzalez

Born, 1943 in Jamaica

»  David Hammons

Born, 1943 in USA

»  Barkley L. Hendricks

Born, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Died, 2017

»  Perry Henzel

Born in Jamaica, date unknown

»  Jack Hill

»  Gavin Jantjes

Born, 1948 in Cape Town, South Africa

»  Kofi Kayiga

Born, 1943 in Kingston, Jamaica

»  Patrick Lichfield

Born, 1939

»  Donald Locke

Born, 1930 in Stewartville, Guyana. Died, 2010

»  Ed Love

Born, 1936 in Los Angeles, California, USA

»  Edna Manley

Born, 1900 in Yorkshire, England. Died, 1987

»  Horace Ové

Born, 1939 in Trindad and Tobago

»  Joe Overstreet

Born, 1934 in Conehatta, MS, USA

»  Gordon Parks

Born, 1912 in Kansas, USA. Died, 2006

»  Adrian Piper

Born, 1948

»  Sidney Poitier

Born, 1927 in Bahamas/Miami, USA

»  Kapo (Mallica Reynolds)

Born, 1911 in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Died, 1989

»  Faith Ringgold

Born, 1930 in Harlem, New York

»  Betye Saar

Born, 1923 - 1929 (probably 1926) in Los Angeles, California

»  Melvin Van Peebles

Born, 1932

»  Osmond Watson

Born, 1934 in Kingston, Jamaica. Died, 2005

»  Charles White

Born, 1918. Died, 1979

»  Aubrey Williams

Born, 1926 in Georgetown, Guyana. Died, 1990

»  Llewellyn Xavier

Born, 1945 in St Lucia

Exhibition venues

»  The New Art Gallery Walsall

Walsall, United Kingdom

»  Whitechapel Art Gallery

London, United Kingdom