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Frank Bowling OBE RA

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2009
Published by: text + work, the Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Year published: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-901196-37-8

image of Frank Bowling OBE RA

Exhibition catalogue (A5 landscape, colour) for Frank Bowling, OBE, RA: Paintings. “A collection from three decades of painting, plus new work”, The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, 22 May - 2 August 2009. The exhibition was curated by Professor Jim Hunter, of The Arts institute of Bournemouth.

From Hunter’s catalogue essay:

“This exhibition, and the selection of paintings in it, grew out of the earlier exhibition ‘Big Paintings’ that I curated with Frank, shown at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth and then, with additional works, at the University of Wolverhampton. The premise of that show was to look again at the larger works that he had produced in the 1980s, a particularly prolific period for Frank. Many of these paintings have an impressive provenance having been shown in major exhibitions and venues, others had never had a public showing. However, they had returned to, or remained within, Frank’s studio at Peacock Yard and most had not been seen by Frank for a number of years. The process of selection for this earlier show, in 2007, was an extraordinary experience.”

Catalogue contents:

Colour cover, detail of Iona to Aachen II, 1990

Untitled introduction/essay by Professor Jim Hunter. Essay features “words of the artist… taken from a public conversation with Professor Jim Hunter on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Frank Bowling RA: Big Paintings’ at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, 14 February 2008.”

Double page reproduction of Great Thames II, 1989

One page reproduction of Shrill, 2002

Biographical outlines of Bowling and Hunter

List of works


Back page, reproduction of Secret Garden, 2001



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