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Shades of Grey

Book relating to an individual, 1998
Published by: Ian Randle Publishers
Year published: 1998
Number of pages: 102

image of Shades of Grey

Lavish, full colour artist’s book, centred on the autobiographical sketches and paintings of Barrington Watson. Extensively illustrated. From the book’s flyleaf:

“Barrington Watson, Jamaican master painter, launches out in a new medium with this collection of short stories. Spanning the continents of Africa, Europe and the Americas, the stories are largely autobiographical and deal with aspects of Barrington’s early life experiences on the road to becoming a master painter.

     The stories include a rich cast of colourful characters drawn from many different cultures all of whom have in some way influenced Barrington’s professional training and career.

     The painter’s well-known fascination with the female form achieves a new dimension in his writing, extending beyond sensual pleasure to reveal fresh facets of his character including, love, friendship and a sense of protectiveness towards women.

     Shades of Grey is illustrated with Barrington’s own paintings and drawings, giving the reader the unique opportunity to experience both aspects of this talented artist - as a painter and as a writer.

     Barrington Watson received his training in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Madrid. He was the first Director of Jamaica School of Art and a founding member of the Contemporary Artists Association. He is credited with introducing the academic canons of scale, composition and draftsmanship to the realist branch of the Jamaican mainstream.

     Married to Diane and the father of four children, Barrington spends his time between his studio in St Thomas and his gallery, the Contemporary Art Centre, in Kingston.”

Foreword written by Elaine Melbourne, Cultural Consultant to the Minister of Education and Culture, Jamaica

Introduction written by Sonia Mills. From the introduction:

“Barrington’s formal education as an artist is impeccable and fully realised. In practice he utilises, to quote him:

The Light of Turner
The Line of Ingres
The Range of Rembrandt
The Techniques of Velasquez
The Emotion of Goya
And, my Birthright of Benin.”

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