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International Review of African American Art Volume 8 Number 2

Magazine relating to a publication, 1988
Published by: International Review of Afreican American Art
Year published: 1988
Number of pages: 64

image of International Review of African American Art Volume 8 Number 2

International Review of African American Art, Volume 8 Number 2. Magazine features two articles and one gallery feature. A Legacy of La Amistad | Some Twentieth Century Black Leaders, written by Clifton H. Johnson, and From Blues to Protest/Assertiveness | The Art of Romare Bearden and John Coltrane, written by Robert L. Douglas. Both features extensively illustrated. The first article, which begins with a description of the Amistad slave revolt, before going on to introduce a number of the major African American leaders of the early to mid 20th century, features the following illustrations:

Archival print of ‘Death of Capt. Ferrer, the Captain of the Amistad, July, 1839’

Romare Bearden, Cinque, 1979, seriagraph

Hale Woodruff, The Amistad Slaves on Trial at New Haven, Connecticut, 1840, 1939

Hale Woodruff The Mutiny Abroad the Amistad, 1839, 1939

Hale Woodruff Return to Africa, 1939

Richmond Barthe, Booker T. Washington bust, clay, 1945

Charles Keck, Monument Scultpure (Booker T. Washington), 1922

Herman Bailey, Dr DuBois, painting, nd

Aaron Douglas, Aspects of Negro Life (panel 3, 1934)

P H Polk, George Washington Carver, photograph, nd

Charles White, Frederick Douglass, 1951, lithograph

Elizabeth Catlett, Phyllis Wheatly, 1973, bronze

Photograph of Historic Chapel at Tuskegee Institute

Photograph of Current Tuskegee Chapel.

The second chapter was illustrated with a number of Bearden’s images and three portrairts of Coltrane by photographers Chuck Stewart, Bob Thiele and Charles Stewart.

The gallery feature in the magazine is a collection of images relating to the history and present manifestation of the African American struggle. Images as follows:

Herman Bailey, Martin Luther King, Jr and the Poor People’s Campaign, nd

Arnold Hurley Frederick Douglass 1976 (detail of mural)

Arnold Hurley Roland Hayes, 1977, oil (detail)

Richmond Barthe Mary McLeod Bethune, bronze

Richmond Barthe Paul Robeson as Othello, bronze

Jacob Lawrence Another Journey Ended (Harriet Tubman Series), 1967

Palmer Hayden Marcus Garvey Parade, nd, oil

Reginald Gammon Scottsboro Boys, 1970

Elizabeth Catlett Malcolm X Speaks For Us, 1969, linocut

Elizabeth Catlett Watts, Detroit, Washington, Newark, 1970, linocut

Jacob Lawrence Confrontation at the Bridge, 1975, seriagraph

Noah Purifoy Sir Watts, 1966, Assemblage (found objects from the Watts Revolution)

Herman Bailey Poster for Voter Registration

Naomi Caryl, Montgomery March nd

Herman Bailey Our Image

Cliff Joseph, Blackboard, 1969

A lithograph by Romare Bearden, Mother and Child nd, is on the cover of this issue.



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Born, 1911 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Died, 1988

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