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Passion: Blackwomens Creativity of the African Diaspora

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1989
Published by: Elbow Room
Year published: 1989

image of Passion: Blackwomens Creativity of the African Diaspora

Large single sheet landscape fold out (4 panels) brochure/40x23cm/monochrome type and image doublesided print on thick semi gloss paper

Title: Passion: Blackwomens Creativity of the African Diaspora
Curated by: Maud Sulter
Featured artists texts: Angele Etoundi Essamba; Dionne Sparks; Ingrid Pollard; Lubaina Himid; Michelle Parkerson; Rita Keegan
Source: The Elbow Room - dated March 1989

Brochure produced to accompany the exhibition, Passion: Blackwomens Creativity of the African Diaspora, originally shown at the Elbow Room in east London that then toured to Rochdale Art Gallery in 1989. Each artist has a panel within the document to use - there are texts, poems and interviews alongside featured documentation or reproduced drawings. The document is assembled in a DIY style which gives an immediacy and energy to the material. From the introduction by Maud Sulter: “During the London run of Passion at the Elbow Room east end studio space the exhibition received a wide audience of Blackwomen; including several artists and writers, as well as a varied range of other folk. In shifting the site from a quasi-domestic interior to Rochdale Art Gallery it must be recognised that any reading of the exhibition as a whole must be situated within an acknowledgement of the environment for which the works were originally commissioned.” The introduction is dated April 1989.

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