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Thin Black Line

Article relating to an exhibition, 1985
Published by: Women’s Review
Year published: 1985

image of Thin Black Line

2 A4 portrait sized fold out document/original taken from publication/monochrome type and image on white paper

Title: Thin Black Line
Author: Lubaina Himid/Marlene Smith
Source: Women’s Review Number 4, pp.22-23 (no date)

Article contains 2 images with the following credits: Untitled - Sonia Boyce; The Carrot Piece - Lubaina Himid.

Article written by the curator (and participant) of the exhibition, The Thin Black Line, that took place the ICA in 1985. This exhibition comprised entirely of black women artists who used the exhibition to explore narratives that related to the very personal experience of being a black female artist in the UK at that time. From the introductory section written by Lubaina Himid: “The Thin Black Line, an exhibition selected by the artist Lubaina Himid, shows the work of a number of black women artists who see themselves as having to operate at the edges of the white, male dominated mainstream. Some of the artists address this issue specifically while others use metaphor and their personal heritage to explore their experience. Being female and black in this situation leads to a sense of alienation and confrontation with that mainstream - A Thin Black Line running through the exhibition space of the ICA.”


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