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Numbered Days

Letter relating to an exhibition, 1986
Published by: City limits
Year published: 1986

image of Numbered Days

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome reproduction from original/letter written in reference to a previous review in the same magazine

Title: Numbered Days
Author: Allan deSouza
Source: City Limits, 29 May - 5 June, 1986 (No page ref)

Letter written by participating artist in the exhibition, Unrecorded Truths at the Elbow Room, London - in response to a review written by Mark Currah (see item titled ‘Elbow Room - 2 reviews’). The artist takes exception at the critic for getting the title of the exhibition wrong and then making what the artist interprets as simplistic and potentially racist sweeping statements about the work shown. From the article: “He launches enthusiastically into his own demise by getting the title wrong; according to him it becomes ‘Untold Stories’. He then proceeds to define and categorise the multiplicity of work into the single definition of ‘angry’ black artists ‘spelling out their rage in black and white’. I am angry and what angers me most is institutionalised (white) power, in this instance, the arrogance of someone who has no empathy or understanding of the work but nevertheless attempts to define it. A case of anti-racist racism?”

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