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The Elbow Room - 2 Reviews

Review relating to an exhibition, 1986
Published by: City Limits
Year published: 1986

image of The Elbow Room - 2 Reviews

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome text and image reproduced from original/2 clippings that relate to the gallery The Elbow Room

1) Title: The Elbow Room
Author: uncredited
Source: City Limits, 8-15 May, 1986

Brief review of the exhibition Unrecorded Truths (wrongly named Untold Stories). From the article: “The Elbow Room is at present little more than a dusty space in a derelict block at the end of a cul-de-sac. But the artists telling their Untold Stories here are angry.”

2) Title: The Elbow Room
Author: Nigel Pollitt
Source: City Limits, 1-8 May 1986

Brief profile of artist and founder of The Elbow Room Gallery, Lubaina Himid - article is accompanied by a photograph of the artist in the gallery. From the article: “In 1979, when Lubaina Himid, three years out of art college, started her first gallery in a Covent Garden restaurant, her artists, with one exception, were white. ‘There aren’t really any black artists’, remarked a respected art world friend two years later. Lubaina couldn’t contradict but thought: ‘somehow, somewhere, something was wrong.’”

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