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Plug into Ofili

Article relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: Southampton City Gallery
Year published: 1998

image of Plug into Ofili

8 sheets of A4 portrait/monochrome photocopied reproduction from original/article taken from catalogue

Title: Plug into Ofili
Author: Kodwo Eshun
Source: Chris Ofili - Catalogue produced by Southhampton City Art Gallery and Serpentine Art Gallery to accompany the self-titled exhibition, © 1998 Southampton City Art Gallery. Unpaginated text situated at the back of the catalogue, designed to look more like an insert rather than an included text - originally printed on black with white text (a reverse of the rest of the catalogue)
Subtitle: “The following inputs can be plugged into Chris Ofili’s paintings. Each is also an output leading from the work into other machines: the sound machines, image machines, sensory machines and geography machines that generate the 90’s communication landscape within which Ofili’s work thrives.” (Based on interviews at Ofili’s studio in King’s Cross from 6-9pm on 8.2.98 and 5-8pm on 10.2.98.)

Article/interview is laid-out in a series of alphabetical sections with individual subject headings: Afro; Ali, Muhammed; Add N to X; Bible; B.I.G.,The Notorious; Blaxploitation; Cage, Luke; Captain Shit; Dots; Drug Related; Energy Patterns; Ford Capri 1600 XL; God; Hip hop; Interludes; Jet; King’s Cross; Lil’Kim; Mothership Connection; Notting Hill Carnival; Optical; Pimp; Porn; Ready-made; Sampling; Stereotype; Tyson, Mike; Wandsworth Guardian; Wu-Tang Clan; XYZ.



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