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Who’ll win the Turner Prize? My bung is on the dung

Article relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: The Guardian
Year published: 1998

image of Who’ll win the Turner Prize? My bung is on the dung

2 sheets original clipping taken from newspaper/monochrome text and image on newsprint/article in relation to the Turner Prize 1998 nominees.

Title: Who’ll win the Turner Prize? My bung is on the dung. Adrian Searle tips the token male to win Britart’s top prize.
Author: Adrian Searle
Source: The Guardian, Wednesday 28 October 1998/Visual Arts section pp.14
Article contains a monochrome photographs of the works installed in the gallery at the Tate with the following credits: “Cathy de Monchaux, Never Forget The Power of Tears (detail); Chris Ofili, No Woman No Cry (detail), with its portraits of Stephen Lawrence; Sam Taylor-Wood, a scene from the film Atlantic; Tacita Dean, a scene from Gellert, about a Budapest bath-house.”

Critic Adrian Searle gives his opinion on who will win the Turner Prize in 1998. Searle puts his money on Chris Ofili (as the title of the article denotes). From the final paragraph: “Is de Monchaux on the list because her work looks like an illustration to the kind of stuff another judge, Marina Warner, writes about? Is Dean the token romantic? Is Ofili the token painter, the token black artist, the token Mancunian? Will inverse art-world snobbery spoil Taylor-Wood’s chances? Is it true that at the final judging meetings of the Turner Prize pane, the chair, Tate director Nick Serota, mesmerises the panel and announces a winner of his own choosing? There’s nothing like good gossip and bitching. The winner will be announced on December 1.”

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