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Great works of art or just a pile of dung?

Review relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: The Times
Year published: 1998

image of Great works of art or just a pile of dung?

Original clipping from broadsheet newspaper/monochrome text on newsprint, full colour illustration/review relating to the Turner Prize

Title: Great works of art or just a pile of dung?
Subtitle: The Tate thinks Turner Prize are worthy of Blake. Dalya Alberge is less sure.
Author: Dayla Alberge
Source: The Times, Wednesday 28 October, 1998 (no page ref)
Article contains a colour image with the following credit: “Close-up of a work by the Turner Prize favourite, Chris Ofili, using elephant dung bedecked with beads.”

From the opening paragraph: “Tate Gallery curators yesterday likened paintings studded with elephant dung to the visionary imagery of William Blake, and a five-minute video of obese nude women in a public bathhouse to the paintings of Rubens.” Article picks out some statements made by the two Tate curators responsible for the Turner Prize exhibition about the works and the artists featured - but apart from the trepidation voiced in the article’s title, the author fails to voice any other opinion.

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