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Chris Ofili - Exhibition Guide - Serpentine

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1998
Published by: Serpentine Gallery
Year published: 1998

image of Chris Ofili - Exhibition Guide - Serpentine

A5 3 panel fold out sheet/printed on semi gloss paper, monochrome text, double sided/produced by the gallery to accompany an exhibition

Title: Chris Ofili | Serpentine gallery, exhibition guide, 20p
Text author: Maria Walsh © Maria Walsh and the Serpentine Gallery

Text functions as an overview to the works within the exhibition and some of the themes/ideas behind his paintings and its relation to post-modernism and post-colonial theory. From the text: “Ofili has said that he can make versions of other people’s art works but charge them with his own agenda. One could see this borrowing of styles and images as being truly Postmodern. However, in Ofili’s case this appropriation and recoding of work by other artists has to be seen in the context of another of his major influences: the approach to music and images in the American cultural form of hip hop.”


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