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In defence of Afro-Asian art

Letter relating to an exhibition, 1989
Published by: The Sunday Times
Year published: 1989

image of In defence of Afro-Asian art

Single sheet A4 portrait/original clipping from newspaper mounted on white paper/no date on the the clipping but 10/12 is written on the paper with the words “Sun Times’/letter written in response to a review by Brian Sewell in a previous edition

Title: In defence of Afro-Asian art
Author: Balraj Khanna

An artist featured in The Other Story responds to some of the comments made in a previous review by the art critic, Brian Sewell. From the letter: “I was appalled by Brian Sewell’s article about the current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, The Other Story, which celebrates the contribution of Asian, African and Caribbean artists to post-war Britain (London Magazine, November 26). It was highly prejudiced and grossly misleading. It is mind boggling that he should summarily dismiss all contemporary artists from the entire non-Western world as quite simply “not good enough.”“

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