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The Sonia Boyce exhibition

Review relating to an exhibition, 1987
Published by: Scope
Year published: 1987

image of The Sonia Boyce exhibition

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome photocopy from original/Scope magazine, Exhibitions section/February - March 1987, p.65/Review in relation to solo exhibition at AIR Gallery by Sonia Boyce

Title: The Sonia Boyce Exhibition, The AIR Gallery, London
Author: Ekua

review is accompanied by 2 photographic reproductions of paintings: Lay Back, keep Quiet and Think of What Made Britain So Great and Big Womens Talk. From the review: “…Two years later she attended the first National Conference of Black artists in Wolverhampton. In many respects this marked a turning point in her life. Her past years at college had been hampered by the inaccessibility of any information about black artists in general, but more specifically, by the lack of contact with other black students…She also met up with Lubaina Himid, with whom she has subsequently continued to work in close contact with. Himid also encouraged Boyce to publicly exhibit her work.”

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Born, 1962 in London, England

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Solo show at AIR Gallery 1986 - 1987

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