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Home Comforts | Sonia Boyce

Review relating to an exhibition, 1987
Year published: 1987

image of Home Comforts | Sonia Boyce

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome photocopy from original clipping/No publication attributed, Exhibitions section/June - July 1987, p 13/Review in relation to solo exhibition at AIR Gallery by Sonia Boyce

Title: Home Comforts: Sonia Boyce - Air Gallery, London, 11 December 1986 - 25 January 1987
Author: Lorraine Griffiths

Review contains a photographic reproduction; Cricket days and Domino Nights, Sonia Boyce, 1986, 4 x 9.5“, mixed media (photo: P. Barrie). From the review: “Sonia Boyce’s exhibition was as predictable as Christmas Day itself and as homely. As usual her huge, vibrant pastel drawings are absolutely breathtaking.”

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Born, 1962 in London, England

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Solo show at AIR Gallery 1986 - 1987

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