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Sonia Boyce

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1986
Published by: AIR Gallery
Year published: 1986

image of Sonia Boyce

2 sheets A4 landscape/monochrome photocopy from original/original pamphlet 3 panel folded, A4 landscape double sided monochrome text/Produced by the gallery to accompany an exhibition

Title: Sonia Boyce, 11 December 1986 - 25 January 1987
AIR Gallery, 6 & 8 Rosebery Avenue, London
Guide contains 2 illustrations by the artist (uncredited). Lists a series of workshops with the artist and a discussion titled: ‘Have things changed? Tokenism and the current state of play in the visual arts‘ that took place on the 21 January 1987.

From a short text within the guide: “Sonia Boyce’s work is fundamentally auto biographical and presents her experiences of the community within which she was brought up. The drawings in the exhibition focus on themes of “domesticity, in particular the balance of power within domestic relationships. They question the differences between acceptable codes of behaviour and what are considered to be social taboos. In certain respects, her work might be considered to subvert conventional norms.”

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»  Sonia Boyce MBE OBE RA

Born, 1962 in London, England

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Solo show at AIR Gallery 1986 - 1987

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London, United Kingdom