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The Presence of Black Women

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A4 single sheet portrait/monochrome - photocopied from original/article from magazine, uncredited/page 11/article in reference to feminism in contemporary art practice

Title: The Presence of Black Women
Artist: Sutapa Biswas

Article accompanied by the image: Sutapa Biswas, The Pied Piper of Hamlyn/Put your Money where your Mouth is, 1987. Article is a reflection by the author on her individual art practice and the influence of the development of feminist discourse around issues of race, gender and class in the early 80’s. From the article: “Through my work I was interested in exploring ancient Hindu mythogilies, deconstructing stereotypes of Asian women as passive, timid creatures, and challenging imperialist attitudes towards black history, culture and people. Housewives With Steak-Knives, (1985; mixed media), explored and challenged the exploitation of black women through imperialism. The title makes reference to an active role of women within the family. Amongst other things, it was also intended to explore black female sexuality.”

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»  Sutapa Biswas

Born, 1962 in Bolpur, India