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Emergency (Number 4) | Keith Piper

Article relating to a publication, 1986
Published by: Emergency
Year published: uncertain - some time between 1984 and 1988
Number of pages: 5

image of Emergency (Number 4) | Keith Piper

Magazine titled Emergency, issue Number 4. No date, but likely to be circa 1986/7. Cover features Untitled 1986, a work by Keith Piper, reproduced in monochrome. On the Contents page, there is a further (much smaller) reproduction of the work, which is credited as follows: Cover: Keith Piper from From Two Worlds, Whitechapel Art Gallery courtesy Manchester City Art Gallery. Contents of the magazine include The Art of Struggle: Keith Piper on Black art, pages 29 - 33.

In this text, Piper discusses issues relating to the practice of Black artists, and his own approach to art production and some of the ideas that inform it. For example “The dominant feature in my own work is the use of text to articulate the message. This is a deliberate attempt to discourage the spectator from side-stepping the content. It also allows me to raise, discuss and articulate my opinions on very specific issues. i believe very strongly in art as a vehicle of articulating opinion in the same way as is essay writing or debate.”

The text is illustrated with a number of Piper’s pieces. These are not cited or credited, but include To You I Was Always Just the Body and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, both dating from the early to mid 1980s. The latter work is reproduced over two full pages.

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