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The Ghosts of Songs - Artforum International - T.J. Demos

Article relating to an exhibition, 2007
Published by: Artforum International
Year published: 2007
Number of pages: 2

image of The Ghosts of Songs - Artforum International - T.J. Demos

Major two page text in Artforum International/v.45 No.8/April 2007/p.268-9/article written in response to:

Title: The Ghosts of Songs: A Retrospective of the Black Audio Film Collective
subtitle: Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, England
Author: T.J. Demos
Article contains 5 images of the Collective and stills from the films in the exhibition (all credited)

From the article: “Founded in London in 1982, the group operated in a context far removed from Britain’s burgeoning fascination with Turner Prizes and block buster YBA shows. Rather, their formation took place against the background of the country’s tumultuous 1970’s: a period of postindustrial recession and increasing racial and class division during which violent unrest was both cause and consequence of policing tactics seen by urban groups - and by African - Caribbean and Asian populations in particular - as the return of colonialism to England itself. The subsequent attempt by government agencies to redirect public turmoil toward cultural production lent support and visibility to BAFC’s work, as the new public-service television station Channel 4 both funded and presented their films, along with those of other community -based collectives, including Sankofa, Retake, and Ceddo.”

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