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Dub Transition - Denzil Forrester: a decade of paintings 1980 - 1990

Solo show at Harris Museum and Art Gallery. 1990
Date: 22 September, 1990 until 3 November, 1990
Organiser: Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston

Major exhibition of the paintings executed by Denzil Forrester, between 1980 and 1990. The exhibition was organised by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, where it was shown 22 September - 3 November 1990, before touring to Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 14 February - 14 April 1991 and Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 29 June - 28 July 1991.

On account of the distint resonances of reggae and dub music (and the environments in which Black people gathered to listen to and enjoy such music) in Forrester’s work, the exhibition’s leading title was Dub Transition. Indeed, the important accompanying catalogue missed few opportunities to stress the association, beginning with the “Acknowledements” by Alexandra Walker, Acting Museum and Art Officer. Wrote Walker, “Denzil would like to thank Jah Shaka and his posse for firing his imagination and inspiring so much of his work.” The association with music continued with “Denzil Forrester: An appreciation” by Forrester’s professor of painting during his time at the Royal College of Art in the early 1980s, Peter de Francia. de Francia’s text included “His paintings were, in a sense. a homage to creative survival. His pictures of the interior of clubs and dance halls, of figures in lonely streets, in one case that of a solitary West Indian escorted by two policement, were in no sense topographical nor linked to a kind of familiar reportage.” The association with music and its attendant culture was further reinforced with a poem by Liverpool-born and based Levi Tafari, “Blues Dance Suffererers Style”

The exhibition featured 27 paintings by Forresterall executed, as mentioned, between 1980 and 1990.

This was and remains one of Forrester’s most substantial exhibitions to date. In the wonderful spacial dimensions of Harris Museum’s gallery space, Forrester’s paintings, including his his larger, imposing dyptiches, seemed to be particularly suited.

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»  Denzil Forrester

Born, 1956 in Grenada

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»  Harris Museum & Art Gallery

Preston, United Kingdom