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Trophies of Empire | Artists Commissions

Brochure relating to an exhibition, 1991
Published by: Bluecoat/Arnolfini/Hull Time Based Arts
Year published: 1991

image of Trophies of Empire | Artists Commissions

A4 photocopied sheets doubled sided print/12 sheets/Information Pack for applicants/information pack produced by a group of organisations

Title: Trophies of Empire | Artists Commissions - Bluecoat Gallery/Arnolfini/Hull Time Based Arts

Information Pack that provides an introduction to the themes surrounding the exhibition then outlines the selection criteria/commissioned projects in the cities that the exhibition tours to/Guidelines/Background notes on the cities involved/background information on the institutions and the buildings involved in the exhibition. On page 9 there is a further reading list and on page 11 is a list of contacts and resources available.

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»  Carole Drake

Born, 1963 in Bristol, UK

»  Nina Edge

Born, 1962 in England

»  Sunil Gupta

Born, 1953 in New Delhi, India

»  Bandele Iyapo

Born in Trinidad, date unknown

»  Rita Keegan

Born, 1949 in New York, USA

»  Juginder Lamba

Born, 1948 in Nairobi, Kenya

»  Shaheen Merali

Born, 1959 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

»  Keith Piper

Born, 1960 in Malta

»  Donald Rodney

Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

»  Veena Stephenson

Born, 1962

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