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Who More Sci-Fi Than Us?: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean

Group show at Kunsthal KAdE . 2012
Date: 25 May, 2012 until 26 August, 2012

Who More Sci-Fi Than Us?: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean, was an ambitious exhibition which sought to offer a look at contemporary art practice in the Caribbean and amongst artists of the Caribbean Diaspora. The exhibition distinguished itself for its embrace of artists frequently identified with Latin American art, rather than with dominant notions of Caribbean Art. For Who More Sci-Fi Than Us?: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean, some 37 artists from 17 countries were brought together. Practitioners as follows: Ryan Oduber (Aruba), Jocelyn Gardner, Sheena Rose (Barbados), Oswaldo Macia (Colombia), Edgar Léon (Costa Rica), Alexandre Arrechea, Carlos Garaicoa, Yaima Carrazanam Ana Mendieta (Cuba), David Bade, Tirzo Martha, Tony Monsanto (Curaçao), Marcos Lora Read, Jorge Pineda, Limber Vilorio (Dominican Republic), Bruno Pedurand (Guadaloupe), Hew Locke (Guyana), Mario Benjamin, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Edouard Duval Carrié (Haiti), Marvin Bartley, Renée Cox, Leasho Johnson, Ebony G. Patterson (Jamaica), Jean Francois Boclé, David Damoison (Martinique), Jhafis Quintero Gonzales, Jonathon Harker & Donna Conlon (Panama), Pepón Osorio (Puerto Rico), Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla (Puerto Rico & Cuba), Michael McMillan (St. Vincent), Remy Jungerman, Charl Landvreugd, Marcel Pinas (Suriname), and Wendell McShine (Trinidad).

The exhibition was curated by Nancy Hoffmann. Her introduction included the following:

“…So, I concluded I should tell the many stories there are to tell about the Caribbean. This exhibition is mainly about the content. Trying to tell a discursive story about the complex background against which  this are has developed and matured, not about whether or not these artists are Caribbean (enough?)… Among the many things I discovered while travelling the region was that the ties to the (former) motherland had created several Caribbean regions: Francophone, Anglophone, Hispanic and Dutch. They hardly interfere with each other. even if they try, it is practically unfeasible. It is easier and a lot less expensive to travel from Paris to Martinique for instance, than from anywhere in the region itself.”

The exhibition took place at Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort, the Netherlands, from 25 May - 25 August 2012.

In July 2016, the online review portal of the College Art Association, caa.reviews, published a review of the catalogue, written by Marcela Guerrero.


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»  Who More Sci-Fi Than Us?: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 2012

People in this exhibition - view 5

»  Alexandre Arrechea

Born, 1970 in Trinidad, Cuba

»  David Bade

Born, 1970 in Curaçao

»  Marvin Bartley

Born, 1983 in Jamaica

»  Mario Benjamin

Born, 1964 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Jean Francois Boclé

Born, 1971 in Fort-de-France, Martinique

»  Yaima Carrazana

Born, 1981 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

»  Renée Cox

Born, 1960 in Colgate, Jamaica

»  David Damoison

Born, 1963 in Martinique

»  Jean-Ulrick Désert

Born, 1965 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Edouard Duval-Carrié

Born, 1954 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

»  Carlos Garaicoa

Born, 1967 in Havana, Cuba

»  Joscelyn Gardner

Born, 1961 in Barbados

»  Jhafis Quintero Gonzales

Born, 1973 in La Chorrera, Panama

»  Leasho Johnson

Born, 1984 in Montego Bay, Jamaica

»  Remy Jungerman

Born, 1959

»  Charl Landvreugd

Born in Paramaribo, Suriname, date unknown

»  Edgar León

Born, 1968 in Costa Rica

»  Hew Locke

Born, 1959 in Edinburgh

»  Oswaldo Macia

Born, 1960 in Colombia

»  Tirzo Martha

Born, 1965 in Curaçao

»  Michael McMillan

Born, 1962 in High Wycombe

»  Wendell McShine

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, date unknown

»  Ana Mendieta

Born, 1948 in Havana, Cuba. Died, 1985

»  Tony Monsanto

Born, 1946 in Curaçao

»  Ryan Oduber

Born, 1972 in Aruba

»  Pepón Osorio

Born, 1955 in Puerto Rico

»  Ebony G. Patterson

Born, 1981 in Kingston, Jamaica

»   IWA (Bruno Pedurand)

Born, 1967 in Guadeloupe

»  Marcel Pinas

Born, 1971 in Eastern Suriname

»  Jorge Pineda

Born, 1961 in Barahona, Dominican Republic

»  Marcus Lora Read

Born, 1965 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

»  Sheena Rose

Born, 1985 in Barbados

»  Limber Vilorio

Born, 1972 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Exhibition venues

»  Kunsthal KAdE

Amersfoort, Netherlands