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Trophies of Empire

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1992
Published by: The Ferens Art Gallery
Year published: 1992

image of Trophies of Empire

A5 3 panel fold out black & white double sided print/exhibition guide/produced by Ferens Art Gallery gallery for an exhibition

Title: Trophies of Empire - Nina Edge; Edwina Fitzpatrick; Sunil Gupta; South Atlantic Souvenirs & Trouble.
17 October - 15 November 1992, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
Cover image: Nina Edge, detail from Limpieza de Sangre. Inside first panel contains text under 2 titles: Introduction and Trophies of Empire in Hull.

From the Introduction: “Inaugurated this summer by Nina Edge’s residency and exhibition with Juginder Lamba at Wilberforce House, and Keith Piper’s video installation Trade Winds at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Trophies of Empire is a series of commissioned artworks taking place this year in maritime cities of Bristol, Hull and Liverpool.” From Trophies of Empire in Hull: “In collaboration with Hull Festival “92 and the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Time Based Arts present the work of Nina Edge, Edwina Fitzpatrick, Sunil Gupta and South Atlantic Souvenirs & Trouble and a performance by Verbal Images. As announced in their advert printed in this brochure the merchandising produced by South Atlantic Souvenirs & Trouble relates partly to three commodities - sugar, tobacco and tea - and their concern about the inequallity of global community trading, and partly to the imperial mentality and the legacy of racism. Verbal Images is a collaboration of different artforms that “looks at the effect that the British Empire has had on the people of Africa and Asia through slavery colonialism and neo-colonialism.”

Panels 2, 3 and 4 contain information/images about Nina Edge, Edwina Fitzpatrick and Sunil Gupta
The back panel contains an advertisement for the work produced by South Atlantic Souvenirs in association with Trouble Magazine.

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