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Trade Winds: an installation by Keith Piper

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1992
Published by: Merseyside Maritime Museum
Year published: 1992

image of Trade Winds: an installation by Keith Piper

A5 3 panel fold out monochrome double sided printed exhibition guide/produced by Merseyside Maritime Museum

Title: Trade Winds, an installation by Keith Piper

Front cover and inside panel contains 3 still photographs taken from the installed work - all photographs by Keith Piper. Inside 2 panels contains a text written by the artist under 2 titles; Trade Winds (the theme) and Trade Winds (the installation)

The first back panel contains a text about the installation in the context of the rest of the exhibition: “This installation by Keith Piper inaugurates Trophies of Empire, a series of commissioned artworks taking place this year in the maritime cites of Bristol, Hull and Liverpool. 1992. the year of the Columbus Quincentenary and the advent of the Single European Market, provides an appropriate context for the project, which explores various legacies of imperialism in relation both to the specific histories of the three ports, and wider issues of colonial expansion such as the Atlantic Slave Trade, continuing Third World exploitation and the diaspora of Black communities.” The final back panel lists the duration of the project: 28 August - 20 September 1992. Also listed is the address of the venue and sponsorship details.

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