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Group show at Oriel Mostyn . 2001
Date: 8 September, 2001 until 20 October, 2001

From www.mostyn.org/whats_on/intimacy (accessed 10 December 2011)

“Intimacy examines the way artists over the past few decades have depicted different forms of close human relationship, not through overt displays of intimate behaviour, but through subtle and often unconscious forms of interaction between individuals. Our ability to identify such acts as revealing intimacy between those concerned depends on a deep awareness of social norms – which vary from culture to culture – and our instinctive interpretation of behaviour relating to them. Expressions of intimacy are present in relationships based on love, sex, camaraderie, family ties, friendship and other things, but the form they take will vary according to the nature and strength of the relationship and whether they are being expressed in public or private. This exhibition of paintings, drawn largely from the Arts Council Collection, looks at some of those forms of expression.”

Intimacy was a large group exhibition featuring the work of some 31 artists, including Sonia Boyce. The artists were, Lea Andrews, Edward Ardizzone, Sonia Boyce MBE, John Bratby, Ian Breakwell, Diana Cumming, Dexter Dalwood, Peter De Francia, Gerard de Thame, Mark Fairnington, Jun Hasegawa, Gerard Hemsworth, Clive Hodgson, Peter Howson, Gary Hume, Timothy Hyman, Joanna Kirk, Leon Kossoff, Jock McFadyen, Tatsumi Orimoto, Fabrizio Panattoni, Shani Rhys James, William Roberts, Carl Robinson, Colin Rose, Walter Sickert, Kevin Sinnott, Colin Smith, Susan Trangmar, Elisabeth Vellacott, and Sophie von Hellermann.

Intimacy was shown at Oriel Mostyn Gallery, 8 September - 20 October 2001 and was organised in association with the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth, and the Lowry, Salford.





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»  Lea Andrews

Born, 1958 in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire

»  Sonia Boyce MBE OBE RA

Born, 1962 in London, England

»  Gerard de Thame

Born, 1958 in London

»  Gary Hume

Born, 1962

Exhibition venues

»  Oriel Mostyn

Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom