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3 Artists Journeys & Recollections in Embers

Invite relating to an exhibition
Published by: Harris Museum & Art Gallery

image of 3 Artists Journeys & Recollections in Embers

A5 colour double sided printed flyer/invite/produced by Harris Museum & Art Gallery

3 Artists Journeys & Recollections in Embers, 29 May - 26 June (no year stated)
Zarina Bhimji, I will always be here; Josephine Thom, Working Edge; Permindar Kaur, Red Earth - Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, Lancashire.

Reverse side contains the following text: I will always be here: Zarina Bhimji takes us on a journey into childhood, exploring her own history and sense of community. Her installation is crisp and calm, but contains clues to a troubled past, which visitors can explore. Working Edge: Salt, shirts, dough, and a commercial freezer!? These may not sound like artist’s materials, but see how Josephine Thom has used them to create three new sculptures, located around the Harris. Red Earth: Huge copper and rubber clad railway tracks on wooden stilts span the gallery above our heads. Permindar Kaur has transformed one of the galleries with a work which investigates issues surrounding trade. Who is it that creates wealth and who receives it?”

Text at the bottom of the page: “I will always be here is an Ikon Gallery Touring Exhibition.”

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»  Zarina Bhimji

Born, 1963 in Mbarara, Uganda

»  Permindar Kaur

Born, 1965 in Nottingham, England

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Preston, United Kingdom