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Grace Ndiritu | Still Life and Responsible Tourism

Solo show at Chisenhale Gallery. 2007
Date: 31 January, 2007 until 18 March, 2007
Organiser: Chisenhale, London

From www.chisenhale.org.uk/archive/exhibitions/index.php?id=11 (accessed 8 June 2010):

Still Life and Responsible Tourism is a new multi-screen video work comprising two video quartets that will be projected onto four large-scale screens within the gallery.

Still Life includes four large-scale videos, projected simultaneously, that use West African textiles in a sensual and, at times, unnerving physical performance by the artist to camera. Ndiritu wraps, conceals and reveals her body, creating and controlling tensions within the fabric to provoke different emotional responses.

Responsible Tourism comprises four large-scale videos, projected in sequence, that explore aspects of a complex relationship between the artist’s performance as a western tourist, behind the camera, and a nomadic African population as they go about their everyday business and lives. Ndiritu captures unstaged moments that focus on the daily acts of the local population, such as cooking outdoors and camel racing.

Grace Ndiritu was born in 1976 and lives and works in London. She studied at Winchester School of Art, London and De Ateliers, Amsterdam. She recently completed a studio residency at Delfina Studios, London (2004-2006).

Supported by: Arts Council England, London, Decibel and Mites (a FACT Service).”


People in this exhibition

»  Grace Ndiritu

Born, 1976

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»  Chisenhale Gallery

London, United Kingdom