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Sue Jane M. Smock

Born, 1937 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Sue Smock (also known as Sue M. Smock, Sue Jane M. Smock, Sue Jane Mitchell Smock, and Sue Jane Smock) was an African-American artist who in the 1970s was living and working in London. She received a BA degree from Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University, New York. Smock was a fascinating artist who is yet to be the subject of substantial art historical and critical attention. She was described in one press article as “a beautiful girl talented enough to share an art show with two of the most famous names in the world of art – Picasso and Giacometti – and to have her work on exhibit in many museums.” This same feature concluded with “For the foreseeable future London will be [her] base.” See Robert Musel, Race prejudice disturbs Smock, the Afro-American (Baltimore, Maryland), June 20, 1970, page 15 (reprinted as Sue Jane Smock Professes Art is White Controlled, Palm Beach Post, Thursday, August 6, 1970, page D4).

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