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Zabat - Maud Sulter | Photoworks

Exhibition guide relating to an exhibition, 1989
Published by: Rochdale Art Gallery
Year published: 1989

image of Zabat - Maud Sulter | Photoworks

A3 folded gloss black and white printed document/exhibition information - artist document

Title: ZABAT, Maud Sulter: Photoworks, 30 September - 11 November 1989. Rochdale Art Gallery Esplanade Rochdale Lancashire 0706 342154

The inside contains text under the headings: Introduction; Maud Sulter; Exhibitions Include; We The Women Will Fight (Maud Sulter, Sphinx brochure 1987); We The Women Will Win. (Lubaina Himid, F.A.N. Issue 2 Vol.3); Media Plays “In Maud Sulter’s work SPHINX there are no people, this important artwork is a strong critique of the stolen image. The place is St.James Island, a shipping post where many thousands of slaves were incrcerated until transported to the New World.” - Lubaina Himid, F.A.N. Issue 2 Vol.3.
On the back cover: A Dictionary reference: “Zabat, n. 1. Sacred dance performed by groups of thirteen. 2. An occasion of power ~~possible orig. of witches sabbat. 3. Blackwoman’s rite of passage [f. Egy. 18th dyn.] Historical Objects; Stop Press. This exhibition coincides with the publication of ZABAT: Poetics of a Family Tree, Maud Sulter’s newest collection of poems and the republication of As a Blackwoman“ p1985.

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