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Abbas Zahedi

Born, 1984 in London

Abbas Zahedi was one of the artists who took part in Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton was “a re-staging of a selection of works previously shown in the exhibition Diaspora Pavilion that took place in Venice during the the 57th Venice Biennale last year. The works shown here are by seven of the 19 artists who were part of the Venice show, all of who were selected due to the variety of ways that their practices engage with diaspora as a concept.

The Diaspora Pavilion grew out of a desire to provide a space for artists to pose counter-narratives that interrogate the notion of diaspora and a topical interest in the impact of increased global mobility, displacement and migration on culture. The idea of diaspora here functions as a tool with which to explore how artistic practice has been influenced by cross-cultural exchange.

… Beginning in the Morris Gallery and continuing on the first floor, Abbas Zahedi presents a re-formulation of the site-specific installation he developed for the original Pavilion with the new addition of a video work. In his practice Zahedi explores survival techniques for what he has termed neo-diasporic predicament, one of which is the exercise of bottling drinks, which the artist himself performs. Zahedi has produced a Saffrock Shandy for Diaspora Pavilion, which will be sold in the café upstairs.

Curated by David A. Bailey and Jessica Taylor”

The above text is from the brochure accompanying the exhibition, which took place at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 10 February - 29 April 2018.

This brochure described Zahedi’s practice as having “evolved towards a framework of neo-diaspora in an effort to process and de-historicise his experience of migration, death and displacement. In its current form, Zahedi uses the term ‘neo-diaspora’ alongside installations, performances and images, to highlight a sense of estrangement amidst hyper-connectivity. In light of recent social and informatic shifts, Zahedi’s method has developed a broader poignancy, going beyond the frame of conventional migrations. His phrasing of neo-diaspora follows on from this; expressing that he can no longer relate to the notion of diaspora in the traditional sense - as a movement about margins and metropoles. But instead, it has become a paradox of survival within a transitional and schizoid state, of belonging to multiple imaginal spaces.”

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