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Madge Spencer

Born, 1941 in Jamaica

Madge Spencer’s uncle was the renowned Jamaican potter, Cecil Baugh, and it was through him that she became interested in pottery. Spencer was the first woman to graduate in ceramics from the Jamaica School of Art and Craft, and following her graduation she moved to England in 1967, establishing herself for many years in Nottingham.

Spencer had work included in Double Vision: An exhibiton of contemporary Afro-Caribbean art, held at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, 8 November 1986 - 4 January 1987. Within the Double Vision poster/brochure, the text on her included “Madge’s African heritage forms part of her self-awareness as a potter, so much so that on viewing a Nigerian exhibition she felt an immediate empathy with the fioorms she saw there.. her pottery embodies both the Caribbean and english traditions; as Madge herself said: ‘…all m pots relate to English and Caribbean traditions and influences: Jamaican colours and shapes moulded from English clay.”’



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Announcement relating to an exhibition, 1986

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