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Frances Richardson

Born, 1965 in Leeds

From Frances Richardson’s web site (www.francesrichardson.co.uk/#!__cv-biog/page-1  accessed 8 September 2013): “Richarson was in the same form as Damien Hirst at school in Leeds from the age of nine to thirteen, moving on with him to secondary school from the age of thirteen to eighteen, and then, together still, on a years (sic) foundation course at Leeds Art School. Hirst and she have hardly met since this Leeds period - although they both lived in London through the 1900s…”

Richardson was one of five artists selected by Rose Issa for inclusion in her exhibition Routes, at Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, 1999. In her introductory catalogue essay, Issa wrote, “Born in Leeds, trained in Nigeria, Frances Richardson’s delicate pencil drawings, reminiscent of leaves and tree growth, feature the mysteries of creation and regeneration in their labyrinths. Her subversive wood carvings, combined with paint and objects, unashamedly explore the masculine and feminine qualities of wood, its warmth and cold, the dual nature of objects and beings. Some are massive combinations of plastic and wood, playing with the idea of natural and manmade materials. Others are delicate and fragile, suspended in time and space. They refer to the human condition through the unpredictable gestation period ingrained in the growth of a tree.” [from Singing Your Own Song, Rose Issa, Curator]

Her web site is www.francesrichardson.co.uk

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