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Creative Disturbance

Article relating to an exhibition, 1995
Published by: New Statesman
Year published: 1995

image of Creative Disturbance

Single sheet A4 portrait/monochrome photocopy from original/New Statesman and Society, 14 July 1995 p.31 - 32 - Written by Sue Hubbard

Title: Creative Disturbances - Are artists mad? Can the mentally ill contribute to culture? Sue Hubbard visits Hackney Hospital to find out.

Article written about the exhibition Care and Control at the Hackney Hospital 27 June - 5 August 1995. Contains a photograph of the work Othello by Donald Rodney (made in collaboration with Graham Plumb). The writer describes the organisers: “Rear Window (an itinerant arts organisation, more at home organising symposia on cultural debates) has set up an initiative that responds to the building and is a metaphor for its passing“. Donald Rodney’s work is described: “A vast wedding cake topped with a black groom (OJ Simpson) and white bride, near a pool of his own blood, alert us to myths surrounding race and mental illness, and remind us of the disproportionate number of black patients using psychiatric services.”

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