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Manjeet Lamba

Born, 1953 in Nairobi, Kenya

Manjeet Lamba, an artist working for Lancashire Probation Service was the insigator of an intiative which resulted in Us an’ Dem [Us and Them]. An exhibition of work by Faisal Abdu’Allah, Denzil Forrester, and Tam Joseph. Curated by Eddie Chambers, held at The Storey Institute, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, 18/3/94 - 15/4/94.

Extracts from the press release: “Us an’ Dem is an exhibition that attempts to take a critical look at relationships bettween the police, the judiciary and the Black community. The exhibition presents three artists’ responses to these issues. All three artists are of African-Caribbean origin, and all are resident in the London area. Faisal Abdu’Allah was born in London. Denzil Forrester was born in Grenada, and Tam Joseph was born in Dominica… Us an’ dem is not an optimistic exhibition, though it decisively demonstrates that the Black communitry continues to have genuine and deep-seated anxieties, frustrations and concerns about the state of its relationships with the collective forces of ‘law and order’.”

The title of the exhibition was taken from a poem, Us an Dem, by Benjamin Zephaniah, who opened the exhibition.

The catalogue (inscribed For Oluwale and all the others) was presented within an A5 sized box. The small catalogue’s contents as follows:

Manjeet Lamba, John Webb, David Warburton of Lancashire Probation Service wrote the Foreword, for the boxed catalogue with 15 postcards produced to accompany the exhibition.

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