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Sonia Boyce | Recent Work

Solo show at Whitechapel Art Gallery. 1988
Date: 13 May, 1988 until 26 June, 1988
Organiser: Whitechapel Art Gallery

Amongst Sonia Boyce’s distinctions is that of being the first Black-British artist to have a solo exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery. The exhibition occupied what was then known as the New Gallery and took place 13 May - 26 June 1988. The exhibition was accompanied by this relatively modest but hugely important brochure. The eight-sided brochure folded down to A5 portrait size, and included five monochrome reproductions of the artist’s work, including several of the pastel drawings for which Boyce became known and celebrated. The text featured a text written by Simone Alexander, one of a slightly younger generation of Black women artists for whom Boyce was a role model. In addition to Alexander’s text, the brochure contained a Biographical Note, edited CV, Further Reading list, and a note about the Education Prgramme accompanying the exhibition.

Alexander’s text was a personal reflection, not only on Boyce’s work, but on Alexander’s own practice. The text - titled Round Midnight - A Conversation with Sonia Boyce - opened with, “It was at college that I first had the words ‘identity crisis’ thrown at me, by a tutor who decided that I was fortunate in this ‘suffering’ as it provided me with the necessary material for being creative. I have realised how common this notion is when referring to black, diaspric people.”

The brochure introduced the reader to the changing nature of Boyce’s practice. It was at this time that she decisively began moving away from her pastel drawings, and began to work with photography and collage. As the exhibition’s press release mentioned: “This exhibition presents her most recent collage work, which is consciously less autobiographical in nature than her paintings.”

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People in this exhibition

»  Sonia Boyce MBE OBE RA

Born, 1962 in London, England

Exhibition venues

»  Whitechapel Art Gallery

London, United Kingdom