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Interrogating Identity - catalogue

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1991
Published by: Grey Art Gallery and Study Center
Year published: 1991
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 0-934349-08-8

image of Interrogating Identity - catalogue

Title: Interrogating Identity
Grey Art Gallery & Study Center - copyright New York University, Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 91-065870 First Edition ISBN: 0-934349-08-8

Contents: Foreword - Thomas W. Sokolowski; Introduction - Kellie Jones, Thomas W. Sokolowski; The Congo is Flooding the Acropolis: Black Art, Orders of Difference, Textiles - Sarat Maharaj; Interrogating Identity: A Roundtable Discussion - Paul Gilroy, Kass Banning, Adrian Piper, Hilton Als, Kellie Jones; Plates; The Artists; Catalogue of the exhibition.

From the introduction: “The present exhibition has chosen to view the search for identity as it has taken place in three primarily English-speaking countries: Canada, Great Britain, and the United States of America. The choice of this particular triad relates not only to linguistic compatibilty, but also to the former relationship between England and her North American colonies. This latter element is most important considering that the subsequent waves of immigrants to all three countries have occasioned the redefinitions of national identity moving away from traditional monolithic views toward varying notions of multiculturalism.“

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Born, 1960 in New York, New York

»  Rasheed Araeen

Born, 1935 in Karachi, Pakistan

»  Rebecca Belmore

Born, 1960 in Upsala, Ontario, Canada

»  Albert Chong

Born, 1958 in Jamaica

»  Allan deSouza

Born, 1958 in Nairobi, Kenya

»  Jamelie Hassan

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»  Lani Maestro

Born, 1957 in Philippines

»  Lillian Mulero

Born, 1950 in Brooklyn, New York

»  Ming Mur-Ray/Murray

Born, 1951 in China

»  Keith Piper

Born, 1960 in Malta

»  Ingrid Pollard

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Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

»  Gary Simmons

Born, 1964 in New York, New York, USA

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