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Dan Fox

Frieze Deputy Editor Dan Fox wrote the third of three reviews of Documenta 11, published in Frieze, issue 69, September 2002, totalling 14 pages (pp. 80 - 93). The reviews, all liberally illustrated, were written by Thomas McEvilley, Kobena Mercer, and Dan Fox.

Elsewhere in the same issue, Fox had discussed a 1983 portrait of “Eldridge Cleaver with one of his sculptures”. “Here, one-time Black Panther Party leader Eldridge Cleaver poses with a sculpture made whilst serving time in prison followiong his return from self-imposed exile abroad. Up against the Panther’s high impact visuals, the significance of Cleaver’s sculpture - a strange hybrid of a Paul Thek ‘Meat Piece’ and an engine block covered in limpets - seems oddly indistinct. When the revolution comes, high Modernism will be no match for simple graphics and a sharp suit.”

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