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Transforming the Crown

Group show at Studio Museum in Harlem, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Caribbean Cultural Center. 1997 - 1998
Date: 14 October, 1997 until 15 March, 1998
Curator: Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd
Organiser: Caribbean Cultural Center

Transforming the Crown: African, Asian and Caribbean Artists in Britain 1966 - 1996 was an exhibition presented by The Caribbean Cultural Center, New York. The exhibition was shown across three venues: October 14, 1997 - March 15 1998, The Studio Museum in Harlem; October 15, 1997 - March 15, 1998, The Bronx Museum of the Arts; October 16, 1997 - March 15, 1998, Picturing England: The Photographic Narratives of Vanley Burke, a component of Transforming the Crown, The Caribbean Cultural Center. All venues were in New York or the Bronx.

Catalogue produced in 1997. Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd, who was at the time Curator and Director of Special Projects at the Caribbean Cultural Center curated the exhibition. Transforming the Crown was an ambitious exhibition and though there were several notable and conspicuous omissions, it was nevertheless a comprehensive undertaking. It brought together a large number of artists, all of whom had connections to the UK, either by birth, or by residence, either permanent or temporary. It featured work by Faisal Abdu’Allah, Said Adrus, Ajamu, Henrietta Atooma Alele, Hassan Aliyu, Marcia Bennett, Zarina Bhimji, Sutapa Biswas, Sylbert Bolton, Sonia Boyce, Winston Branch, Vanley Burke, Chila Kumari Burman, Sokari Douglas Camp, Anthony Daley, Allan deSouza, Godfried Donkor, Nina Edge, Uzo Egonu, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Denzil Forrester, Armet Francis, Joy Gregory, Sunil Gupta, Lubaina Himid, Bhajan Hunjan, Meena Jafarey, Gavin Jantjes, Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede, Claudette Elaine Johnson, Mumtaz Karimjee, Rita Keegan, Fowokan George Kelly, Roshini Kempadoo, Juginder Lamba, Errol Lloyd, Jeni McKenzie, Althea McNish, David Medalla, Shaheen Merali, Bill Ming, Ronald Moody, Olu Oguibe, Eugene Palmer, Tony Phillips, Keith Piper, Ingrid Pollard, Franklyn Rodgers, Veronica Ryan, Lesley Sanderson, Folake Shoga, Yinka Shonibare, Gurminder Sikand, Maud Sulter, Danijah Tafari, Geraldine Walsh, and Aubrey Williams. Donald Rodney was included in the catalogue, but his work was not in the exhibition itself.

The exhibition’s catalogue is extensively illustrated throughout. Contents as follows: Contributors [M. Franklin Sirmans (catalogue essay editor), Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd, Eddie Chambers, Okwui Enwezor, Kobena Mercer, Gilane Tawadros, Anne Walmsley, Deborah Willis, Judith Wilson (catalogue essayists); Catalogue and Exhibition Credits; President’s Foreword (Dr. Marta Moreno Vega); Acknowledgments (Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd); Introduction (Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd). Followed by eight essays: London Bridge: Late 20th Century British Art and the Routes of ‘National Culture’ (Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd); The Caribbean Artists Movement (Anne Walmsley); Bodies of Diaspora, Vessels of Desire: The Erotic and the Aesthetic (Kobena Mercer); Running With the Hare and Hunting With the Hounds (Gilane Tawadros); Talking Back: Black Women’s Visual Liberation Through Photography (Deborah Willis); Surfing the “Black” Diasporic Web: Postcolonial British Art and the Decolonization of U.S. Visual Culture (Judith Wilson); The Emergence of the Black British Artist (Eddie Chambers). The final essay is A Question of Place: Revisions, Reassessments, Diaspora (Okwui Enwezor). There then follows the following sections: Exhibition Color Plates, Artist Biographies, Chronology, Exhibition Checklist, Bibliography and Photo Credits.

The exhibition secured a significant amount of press coverage, both within the US and also within the UK.

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»  Transforming the Crown

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1997

People in this exhibition - view 5

»  Faisal Abdu’Allah

Born, 1969 in London, UK

»  Said Adrus

Born, 1958 in Kampala, Uganda

»  Ajamu

Born, 1963 in Huddersfield, England

»  Hassan Aliyu

Born, 1964 in London

»  Henrietta Atooma Atele

Born, 1966 in Warri, Nigeria

»  Marcia Bennet

Born, 1968 in London, England

»  Zarina Bhimji

Born, 1963 in Mbarara, Uganda

»  Sutapa Biswas

Born, 1962 in Bolpur, India

»  Sylbert Bolton

Born, 1959 in St. Mary, Jamaica

»  Sonia Boyce MBE OBE RA

Born, 1962 in London, England

»  Winston Branch

Born, 1947 in Castries, St Lucia

»  Vanley Burke

Born, 1951 in Jamaica

»  Chila Kumari Singh Burman

Born, 1958 in Liverpool, England

»  Anthony Daley

Born, 1960 in Jamaica

»  Allan deSouza

Born, 1958 in Nairobi, Kenya

»  Godfried Donkor

Born, 1964 in Kumasi, Ghana

»  Sokari Douglas Camp CBE

Born, 1958 in Buguma, Nigeria

»  Nina Edge

Born, 1962 in England

»  Uzo Egonu

Born, 1931 in Onitsha, Nigeria. Died, 1996

»  Rotimi Fani-Kayode

Born, 1955 in Nigeria. Died, 1989

»  Denzil Forrester

Born, 1956 in Grenada

»  Armet Francis

Born, 1945 in Jamaica

»  Joy Gregory

Born, 1959 in Oxfordshire, England

»  Sunil Gupta

Born, 1953 in New Delhi, India

»  Lubaina Himid MBE, CBE

Born, 1954 in Zanzibar, Tanzania

»  Bhajan Hunjan

Born, 1956 in Kenya

»  Meena Jafarey

Born, 1962 in London

»  Gavin Jantjes

Born, 1948 in Cape Town, South Africa

»  Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede

Born, 1943 in Nigeria

»  Claudette Johnson

Born, 1959 in Manchester. England

»  Mumtaz Karimjee

Born, 1950 in Mumbai, India

»  Rita Keegan

Born, 1949 in New York, USA

»  George Fowokan Kelly

Born, 1938 - 1948 (probably 1943) in Kingston, Jamaica

»  Roshini Kempadoo

Born, 1959 in Crawley, Sussex, England

»  Juginder Lamba

Born, 1948 in Nairobi, Kenya

»  Errol Lloyd

Born, 1943 in Jamaica

»  Jenny/Jeni McKenzie

Born, 1968 in London

»  Althea McNish

Born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, date unknown

»  David Medalla

Born, 1942 in Manila, Phillipines

»  Shaheen Merali

Born, 1959 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

»  Bill Ming

Born, 1944 in Bermuda

»  Ronald Moody

Born, 1900 in Kingston, Jamaica. Died, 1984

»  Olu Oguibe

Born, 1964 in Nigeria

»  Eugene Palmer

Born, 1955 in Kingston, Jamaica

»  Tony Phillips

Born, 1952 in Liverpool, UK

»  Keith Piper

Born, 1960 in Malta

»  Ingrid Pollard

Born, 1953 in Georgetown, Guyana

»  Franklyn Rodgers

Born, 1963 in London

»  Donald Rodney

Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

»  Veronica Ryan

Born, 1956 in Plymouth, Montserrat

»  Lesley Sanderson

Born, 1962 in Malaysia

»  Danijah Tafari (Fitzroy Sang)

Born, 1955 in Kingston, Jamaica

»  Folake Shoga

Born, 1955 in Nigeria

»  Yinka Shonibare MBE CBE RA

Born, 1962 in London, England

»  Gurminder Sikand

Born, 1960 in Jamshedpur, India

»  Maud Sulter

Born, 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Died, 2008

»  Geraldine Walsh

Born, 1961 in London, England

»  Aubrey Williams

Born, 1926 in Georgetown, Guyana. Died, 1990

»  Deborah Willis

Born, 1948 in Philadelphia, USA

Exhibition venues

»  The Bronx Museum of the Arts

United States of America

»  Caribbean Cultural Center

United States of America

»  Studio Museum in Harlem

New York, United States of America