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Lisa Corrin

Lisa Graziose Corrin, Director, Williams College Museum of Art, offered the following endorsement to Exiles, Diasporas & Strangers, edited by Kobena Mercer. One of four books in a series titled Annotating Art’s Histories, jointly published by The MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts and iniva the Institute of International Visual Arts, London, published in 2008.

“A Duchampian gesture in colonial Nigeria? Aboriginal counter-appropriation? If diaspora is synonymous with dispersal, so Kobena Mercer disperses our notion of it as fixed and its consequences as homogenous. These texts respond to his call for fresh analytical tools and historical paradigms for investigating the contexts and complexities of diasporic aesthetics, remapping the nuanced terrain from which it originates. The route across this terrain is charted via a refined relationship to the language of cultural dispersal itself, where necessary distinctions between “exile, émigré, immigrant, expatriate and refugee” transform our understanding of the generative circumstances, impulses and processes that migrate within visual expression from the Canadian Arctic to the Australian outback.”


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