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No Place (Like Home) catalogue

Catalogue relating to an exhibition, 1997
Published by: Walker Art Center
Year published: 1997
Number of pages: 146
ISBN: 0-935640-55-X

image of No Place (Like Home) catalogue

Catalogue for the exhibition No Place (Like Home) held at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 9 - June 8 1997. The exhibition was curated by Richard Flood, Curatorial Assistant, Deepali Dewan, and Curatorial Intern, Eungie Joo. The artists in the exhibition were Zarina Bhimji, Nick Deocampo, Willie Doherty, Kay Hassan, Kcho, Gary Simmons, Meyer Vaisman, and Kara Walker.

This is a substantial catalogue, providing fascinating appraisals of artists such as Zarina Bhimji and Kara Walker, at key stages of their ascending careers. The exhibiting artists were drawn from several countries, namely the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Philippines, and Northern Ireland. The catalogue is somewhat over-designed, with for example, pages of white text on a light coloured background, several pages of unnecessarily small text, some text appearing in reverse, a number of pages in which text appears on rectangular blocks, laid on top of largely obscured montaged images, and so on. Even the catalogue’s stating of dates on which interviews with the artists were conducted is very confusing. Bhimji’s dates ae given as 7/29 - 30/96, which may well be July 29th and 30th 1996. However, the following dates (relating to the interview with Nick Deocampo) are given as  8 - 9 / 96. Despite the catalogue’s many needless complexities and design failings, the sections on each artist are substantial and useful, containing as they do, interviews conducted by curators directly or indirectly related to the exhibition.

Contents as follows:

Several pages of credits etc., a number of which are difficult to read, on account of the small white text on light coloured background, just referred to.

Foreword by Kathy Halbreich, Director, Walker Art Center

Acknowledgments, Richard Flood, Chief Curator

“Shadowland”, essay by Richard Flood

Artist Interviews

Zarina Bhimji, interviewed by Deepali Dewan, 7/29 - 30/96

Nick Deocampo, interviewed by Marlina Gonzales-Tamrong, 8 - 9 / 96

Willie Doherty, interviewed by Joan Rothfuss, 8/7/96

Kay Hassan, interviewed by Susan Robeson, 5/10/96

Kcho (Alexis Leyva Machado), interviewed by Kelie Jones, 5/5/96

Gary Simmons, interviewed by Siri Engberg, 7/10/96

Meyer Vaisman, interviewed by Douglas Fogle, 6/20/96

Kara Walker, interviewed by Liz Armstrong, 7/23/96

“Volatile Memories”, essay by Douglas Fogle

“Place of Movement”, essay by Deepali Dewan

Artists’ Biographies

Further credits, such as Lenders to the Exhibition, Walker Art Center Board of Directors, and so on.

The pages of artists’ interviews are interspersed with reproductions, details, and installation shots of the respective artist’s work. For the most part, these images are in colour.

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»  Zarina Bhimji

Born, 1963 in Mbarara, Uganda

»  Nick Deocampo

Born, 1959 in Philippines

»  Willie Doherty

Born, 1959 in Derry, Northern Ireland

»  Kay Hassan

Born, 1956 in Alexandria, Johannesburg, South Africa

»  Kcho (Alexis Leyva / Alexis Leyva Machado)

Born, 1970 in Nueva Gerona, Cuba

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