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Walk-in riot requiem

Review relating to an exhibition, 1987
Published by: TNT
Year published: 1987

image of Walk-in riot requiem

Review of Keith Piper and Donald Rodney’s 1987 exhibition at Pentonville Gallery, London. The review appeared in the now defunct publication TNT, Issue 208, though the date and page number have not been noted. Titled Walk-in riot requiem, the review was written by Arthur Berman.

From the text: “Both the artists here produce installations, the kind of extended, multi-media sculpture that come in room-size. On entering the gallery the viewer is literally entering the debate [about police violence meted out to Black people], surrounded by evidence proposed by the artists. Donald Rodney’s room is silent, the wrecked table, smashed crockery and silhouettes of fallen bodies tell the story. The scene of the crime is turned into a poignant memorial. Keith Piper’s room provides the noisy requiem. A verbal collage of explanations, analyses and descriptions of the police action blurs over the steady click-click as a continuous series of slides project more information on to a screen partition. The photographic record from TV and newspapers relay scenes of raging confusion as the glamour of fictional violence is shattered and reason replaced by shuddering chaos.”

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Born, 1961 in Birmingham, England. Died, 1998

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