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Shame on you

Article relating to a film, 2012
Published by: Dazed & Confused
Year published: 2012
Number of pages: 4

image of Shame on you

A substantial feature on film director Steve McQueen, the actor Michael Fassbender, and the then new McQueen film, Shame. The feature was one of many that took as its subject McQueen/Fassbender/Shame. It featured full page portraits of McQueen and Fassbender, by photographer Ronald Dick, with two pages of text by Kin Woo. A smaller portrait of McQueen and Fassbender also appeared in the text.

The piece was introduced as follows: “Michal Fassbender starved himself to play dying hunger striker Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen’s debut feature, Hunger. Now they’ve tackled another controversial topic: sex addiction.

In Shame. the visceral second feature from artist-turned-filmmaker Steve McQueen, Michael Fassbender stars as Brandon, a man who just can’t get enough. With his slick, handsome looks, he beds countless women (and one man) everywhere: in his sterile apartment, up against a glass wall at New York’s Standard Hotel, and even out in the city streets. And if he seems to be barely functioning at his yuppie job, his carefully ordered existence slowly starts to unravel with the arrival of his emotionally unstable, damaged and suicidal younger sister, Sissy, a torch singer played by the mesmerising Carey Milligan.”

Woo concludes his introduction, “With the pair in celebratory mood after Fassbender won the Best Actror award at the Venice Film Festival, Dazed brought them together to talk about the effect of the film on their lives.”

There then follows the greater part of two pages of a transcribed conversation between McQueen and Fassbender.

The feature, “Shame on you”, appeared in Dazed & Confused, Vol III/06, February 2012: 82 - 85

This was not the first time the magazine had taken a pronounced interest in McQueen and his work. It had previously ran a feature titled “Steve McQueen | Louder than Bombs”. Likewise, Dazed & Confused had run several features on the painter Chris Ofili.


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